Beautiful Creatures in Brentwood

Diesel Brentwood bookseller Anna Kaufman reports:

Getting new books into the store is always exciting: we love seeing old favorites return and the arrival of new titles hot off the presses. But it’s even more exciting to get to experience the arrival of a new book through the eyes of its author. We were lucky enough to be given that treat when local Brentwood author Margaret Stohl stopped by our store after lunch at her favorite taco joint and saw the display of her newly-released first novel, Beautiful Creatures, which we had just put in the window. The excitement was catching: Margaret immediately called her co-author, Kami Garcia, and the two of them met up to take pictures and commemorate their book’s release into the wild. It was wonderful to watch: other browsing customers were eagerly drawn into the celebration, and one lucky woman snagged Margaret’s autograph on the first copy she had ever signed. I couldn’t help joining the signing blitz myself, adding my name to Margaret’s first purchased copy.

Margaret and Kami both blogged about the surprise spree. Beautiful Creatures is generating a lot of buzz right now, already appearing at the top of several year’s-best lists. We’re so happy we had the opportunity to revel with Margaret and Kami as they got their first chance to see some of the tangible proof of their incredible accomplishment. The official Beautiful Creatures Launch Party is going to be at our Brentwood store on Tuesday, December 1 at 7pm, which means you all have a chance to come get in on the fun. The book is a moody and seductive Southern delight, so expect a fete that’ll hit that perfect midpoint between Gothic and giddy. Hope to see you there!


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