No Kidding

Cheryl in Brentwood reports:

I’m always on the lookout for great kids books, but I’m picky–very picky, probably too picky–so when I find some, I tell everyone. Here are a few of my latest faves.

First up is Around the World with Mouk. It’s like Daft Punk meets Richard Scarry. A big-eyed bear named Mouk travels to Burkina Faso, Lapland, Kangaroo Island, and some other cool destinations learning about different cultures. The pages are jam-packed with adorable bobble-headed animals conversing, offering humorous and educational tidbits. Oh, and did I mention–there are stickers!

Not until I was writing this did I realize that the illustrator for Mouk and my next pick, For Just One Day, are one and the same. It seems illustrator Marc Boutavant has a way of luring me in with his vibrant, vintage-inspired images. For Just One Day is about children imagining what animal they would be for a day if they could choose. The last page of the book has a mirror, reflecting the decision of the children: that the best thing to be is themselves.

Finally there’s Noodle–written by Munro Leaf, author of the beloved Story of Ferdinand–which has the same message as For Just One Day. Noodle is a dachshund who is visited by a wish-granting dog fairy who will make him any size and shape he desires. After consulting the animals at the zoo, Noodle comes to the conclusion that he is perfect the way he is. This was a childhood favorite of mine and I’m pleased to see it’s in print again.

So if you have a child in your life or just want to feel like a kid again, check out these books!



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2 responses to “No Kidding

  1. janriss

    Thanks for the recs. I’m a grandma now so I’m really out of touch with kids books, and I’m very motivated to get quality ones. I hadn’t heard of “Around the World With Mouk”, which sounds like the sort of story I’d want to get for the kiddies.

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