Hail the DJ

Our very own Alison reports:

Even after 20 years in business, any time our shop gets mentioned in print it’s still a thrill. It is surprising where we will turn up. We were included in this recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle on my absolute favourite radio DJ, Bonnie Simmons. This woman used to make me late for work, she is that good. She had an afternoon show on KSAN and I had an afternoon shift at Pendragon Books in Oakland. I would not be able to leave the house as I would have to hear what the next cut was. The songs would build on each other, the segues were brilliant, I would get so excited and be up and running for the day. Every day. Now that I listen to her mostly on the computer, I don’t have to worry about missing any songs. As excited as I am that she mentions us, I realise that I too have to contribute to KPFA not just as a payback but also to keep my cultural neighbourhood alive. Right back atcha, Bonnie. And thanks for your great work.


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