Mind Reader

We can’t get enough of The Subconscious Shelf, a new feature of The New Yorker‘s Book Bench blog in which its writers probe deeply into readers’ minds via pictures of their bookshelves. We find this delightful on so many levels. First, as previously mentioned, we are nosy, and we love getting to see other people’s book collections and how they are displayed. And second, the psychoanalysis is—as is so often the case!—a scream.

We’d send in examples of our own shelves, but we’re a bit afraid we’d be told we have unresolved issues with our mothers and that our dreams about flying don’t mean what we think they mean. Or that we’re messy.


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One response to “Mind Reader

  1. Julie

    As a mother, I object. Why can’t messy bookshelves indicate unresolved issues with one’s father?

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