World Enough and Time?

The New York Times has a fascinating but worrying article about the efforts being taken to preserve the digital archives of novelist Salman Rushdie. Among other problems, the technology on which materials were created simply becomes obsolete too quickly: “Imagine having a record but no record player.”

That’s a good analogy, but what this story really makes us think of is this:

Which in turn makes us want to stock up on all our favorite apocalyptic books—in hard copy. We’ll probably start with World War Z, The Road, The Brief History of the Dead, Y: The Last Man, Wastelands, Golden Days, and of course, Rushdie’s own The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Please, let us have the time.



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4 responses to “World Enough and Time?

  1. Sciwitch

    Also recommended “A Canticle for Leibowitz” by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

  2. exceptinsects

    Oh man, I love apocalyptic novels. I’m going to have to order Wastelands and Golden Days (I’ve read all the others).
    How about I Am Legend? Or, for nonfiction, The World Without Us?

    • trinityofone

      Yes, those are excellent recs, too! This is what I love about apocalyptic fiction (and nonfiction, as you point out) as a genre–there are seemingly endless variations on the theme. Writers are wonderfully inventive when it comes to thinking of new ways to destroy us all.

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