That’s Incredible!

Today we are celebrating some things that we, ourselves, could never do:

*Create a building made entirely from books (we’d kind of like to live there, though).

*Sing in Score: A Hockey Musical like Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood (check out more photos here).

*Survive in the wilderness using lessons learned from the children’s classics Hatchet and My Side of the Mountain (what, no love for the survival skills of the heroine of The Island of the Blue Dolphins?).

Or, most trying of all:

*Go a week without reading ANY BOOKS. Like, at ALL. Our minds collectively boggle at the thought. Even when we’re living by our wits after surviving a plane crash/running away from home/being abandoned by our entire family, we still picture ourselves with a paperback or two tucked away somewhere. Impressive indeed. (But we wouldn’t want to try it.)



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2 responses to “That’s Incredible!

  1. The crazy thing is that that book building looks better built than some student accommodation I’ve lived in.

  2. Pizza Diavola

    A week without reading any books? My heart quails at the very thought! O_O;;

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