To a Tee

We got a real kick out of Jacket Copy’s round-up of the spring’s coolest new literary t-shirts. Unfortunately, it reminded us that you can buy all kinds of geeky-fantastic book-related things on the internet, and we of course want all of them. Like, have you seen these Penguin Classics mugs? How much do you want to drink tea from Lady Chatterley’s Lover, possibly while reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover? We like the idea of adding a little “banned for obscenity” drama to breakfast. (The Great Gatsby or Big Sleep mugs, meanwhile, you’d probably have to fill with stronger stuff.)

We’re also swoony for this Brontes Garden Party tee, which is a tie-in with Kate Beaton’s wonderful webcomic Hark! A Vagrant. It’s always an excellent place to look for literary LOLs; we’ve been especially taken of late with these interpretations of classic Edward Gorey covers.

As if we haven’t just been greedy enough, today’s poetry video is extra special: we’ve got Trevor Calvert in Oakland reading his own “It Is Windy and Soon Will Rain”—

Check out the full archive of poetry videos here!


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