It’s Not the Size of the Press That Counts

Roger Lathbury of Orchises Press, which in the late ’90s won and then lost the rights to publish J.D. Salinger‘s last (circulated) novella, Hapworth 16, 1924, has written a fascinating, tragic piece about the experience. We may be over-empathizing a little, but this makes us wish we could have given Salinger a hug. Except he would have hated that.

In happier news, there’s this tale of small press triumph: check out the story behind how Bellevue Literary Press, which releases only eight books a year, published Paul Harding‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Tinkers.

We’ll leave it to you to decide what Geo in Brentwood’s reading of Emily Dickinson‘s “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” does to your mood:

Check out the full archive of poetry videos here!



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2 responses to “It’s Not the Size of the Press That Counts

  1. Great looking boats. I will look into them.

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