Book Your Weekend Plans Now

Alison (she’s everywhere!) reports:

One of my favourite book events of the year is almost upon us: The L.A. Times Festival of Books is happening this weekend! As a bookseller and reader, this is a dream come true. The sight of so many booklovers enjoying themselves on the UCLA campus can bring a tear to my eye. They truly represent Los Angeles in all its glory. To see children running not to be late for an author speaking relieves all the fears of reading going out of fashion. Authors in conversations, on panels, being interviewed; poets reading aloud—how can you choose from this plethora of riches?

Sometimes the choices are made for me as I am not organised enough to get the advance tickets and halls are often full by the time I get to them. However, that still leaves too many options. Should I go to the panels to support the people I know? A lot of the same writers will join panels with different themes each year, thus promising the familiar coupled with new ideas. How about choosing by the moderator? We have some consistently great ones working. They will skilfully pick at the seam until little gems of wisdom are pried loose. So much to take into consideration!

However, I think that I may have finally worked out the perfect system: zero in on the hall that has the most appealing events and camp out there to secure a seat. This may be Rolfe on Sunday:

12:00 — Art of the Critic, mod by David L. Ulin. Everyone can join in on this one.

1:30 — Fiction: The California Way, mod by Antoine Wilson

3:00 — Life on the Edge: Violence and the West, mod by Marc Cooper

So maybe I should stop looking at the programme before I get more distracted, and just see where the word takes me. Hope to see you there!

But first, see Joey in Malibu read Shel Silverstein‘s “Where the Sidewalk Ends”:

And check out the full archive of poetry videos here!


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