Books Beyond the Veil

Since we’re a bookstore, we like to think of libraries as our cousins…non-identical cousins. Kissing cousins? Maybe. We welcome suggestions on how best to clarify and define this unique relationship. But ANYWAY, our awesome cousins have been the centers of some interesting action lately. Take the New York Public Library at 42nd Street, which despite valiant efforts in the ’80s, still seems to be suffering from a bit of a ghost problem:

(It’s also facing severe budget cuts; check out the behind-the-scenes info on how Improv Everywhere staged its bust and is helping to raise awareness for the library here.)

While we’re straddling the line between dimensions (and taking care not to cross the streams), we’d also recommend checking out The Hypothetical Library, where designer Charles Orr creates beautiful and eerie jackets for imaginary works by real authors. The latest is for Neil Gaiman‘s If You Read This Book the World Will End. So perhaps it is a good thing that it’s not a real book. Because, if it were, wouldn’t you be tempted?


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