On Our Nightstand, May 25th-31st

Here’s what we’re reading this week at Diesel!

Anna in Brentwood
Tokyo Fiancee
By Amelie Nothomb
A charming and lush autobiographical novel about a young Belgian woman who moves to Tokyo and the relationship that develops between her and a sweetly eccentric Japanese man. Nothomb’s cultural analysis is witty and astute.

Cheryl in Brentwood
There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby
By Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
This collection of “fairy tales” is a great look at the twisted, odd, and perverse from a Russian perspective.

Grant in Oakland
Our Band Could Be Your Life
By Michael Azerrad
A history of indie rock and punk in the ’80s, which is awesome because it’s less about the music and more a cultural history of the movement.

John Peck in Oakland
Who Needs Donuts?
By Mark Alan Stamaty
The most terrifying kids’ book since The Rainbow Goblins.

Kim in Malibu
Civilwarland in Bad Decline
By George Saunders
Saunders is the funniest writer I’ve come across since David Sedaris. He’s the king of (hilarious) dystopia.


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