And That Has Made All the Difference

Beloved children’s author Kate DiCamillo, whose book The Tale of Despereaux won the Newbery Medal, gave a wonderful tribute to booksellers when she accepted the 2010 Indies Choice Award for Most Engaging Author.

Booksellers at a local store, she recalled, had told my mother that there was another book I might like. It was called The Cricket in Times Square. And so, in addition to a book about a poor, lonely boy who went on to become president of the United States, I also received the story of a small cricket who loves music, a cricket who sings so beautifully that people stop to listen.

Who was that bookseller who thought, “Here is an almost-eight-year-old girl who loves Abraham Lincoln. What other book will she love? Oh, yes. This book about a cricket.”?

There was nothing logical about that decision. It was a leap of faith.

Stories like these certainly renew our faith! You can read the entirety of DiCamillo’s wonderful speech here.

And speaking of tributes…we’re absolutely thrilled by this fantastic profile of our Oakland store. Thank you so much, Oaktown Art!


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