Win Free Tickets to the “Girl Who Played With Fire” Movie!

It’s that time again! As with our last Larsson lark, we’ve got four pairs of tickets to give away for The Girl Who Played With Fire film, at Laemmle’s Monica 4 in Santa Monica, CA. The movie opens July 9th, so the contest will run until the 8th. To enter, comment below with the answers to these trivia questions. (Doing Lisbeth proud by using your Googlefu is totally allowed.)

1) What is the name of Lisbeth’s twin sister?

2) At the beginning of the book, where is Lisbeth vacationing?

3) Lisbeth furnishes her new apartment from what store?

And speaking of winning: congrats to the winner of our last Guess the Book Competition, Adam Kahn of Oakland, who correctly identified the mystery book as Nick Flynn‘s The Ticking Is the Bomb. Congrats also to the winner of our Poetry Video Contest, Kat of The Internet, and to our very own Geo, whose reading of Emily Dickinson‘s “Because I could not stop for Death” was voted our readers’ favorite! Let’s keep the winning going—if you’re stumped on the above trivia questions, comment and we’ll send you a hint.

Good luck!


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