A Poet—And We Know It!

We hate to brag, but…oh, who are we kidding, we love to brag. For example: we’re way ahead of the Library of Congress, which recently named W.S. Merwin the 17th U.S. Poet Laureate. Proof: here’s John Evans‘ review of Merwin’s The Shadow of Sirius from our March Newsletter:

Okay, so if you ride BART or the Metro, bus, carpool or ride in a car, and if you ever are waiting for five, ten, fifteen minutes, somewhere for someone sometime – then do you know what is the most expansive, freeing, delightful and productive use of your time in those situations? Yep, reading poetry. I’m not kidding – it is concise, direct, bears repetition, expands time, puts you in the zone of patience, waiting, and joy. It’s dreamy, heartening, exciting, quickening, and gives you, your, own, sense, of, time. My recommendation for your next moment, your next wait, your next chance to extend your sense of time instead of contract it is: The Shadow of Sirius by Pulitzer Prize-winning W.S. Merwin. Just pick it up, carry it with you, find the moment where minutes are yours to kill, and read it. Read each poem three times, with breaks in between to feel your imagination breathe and stretch and grow. Then, read, another, one.

Please feel free to consult us from now on, Library of Congress!


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