Known for our fascinating selection of titles, stunning author events, enthusiastically diverse staff, and urban California aesthetic, DIESEL is the cutting-edge, high octane, community-radiating, independent neighborhood bookstore we all dream of hanging out in, getting imaginally turned on in, and literarily inspired by.

Author events have included Jeannette Winterson, David Sedaris, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Czeslaw Milosz, Camille Paglia, Barry Gifford, George Lakoff, Adrienne Rich, Chuck Palahniuk, Alexander Cockburn, Tobias Wolff, Charles Baxter, The Guerrila Girls, Gary Snyder, Richard Ford, David Byrne, Thom Gunn, Fritjof Capra, Anne Michaels, Edwidge Danticat, Norman Solomon, Terence McKenna, Paul Theroux, Michael Moore, James Ellroy & many more.

Under our dieselbooks imprint we have published our first book Read ‘Em and Weep: My Favorite Novels by Barry Gifford. It is an engaging collection of Gifford’s anecdotes, reviews and responses to his favorite novels. At turns deeply moving, humorous, insightful and poignant, they are each prompting literary takes, intimate and accessible.

How have you stayed culturally alive without us? Hopefully by visiting other neighborhood bookstores, but now that you know . . .


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