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Elementary, Said He

Dude! Dude! Check it out:

Yup, that is actual video of the actual Arthur Conan Doyle discussing how he came to create the Sherlock Holmes stories. We know that Doyle died in 1930, so the idea of him being captured on film isn’t impossible—and as a certain someone would say, when you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. But man, sometimes the truth is so cool.

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The Game Is Afoot

Bookgasm has got the scoop on one of our favorite Dumb Book Stories in a long time. It seems the highly reputable business depicted above has sadly closed, due to involvement in a Ponzi scheme. “The name of the guy filing motions for the sale of Sure Lock’s assets? Moriarty!” So truth is stranger than fiction. Or truth steals all its best bits from fiction, anyway.

Meanwhile, we were amused when we saw that Neil Gaiman had posted on his Twitter that this Which Crazy Writer Are You? quiz claims he’s Tom Wolfe. Then we took it and discovered that we’re J.D. Salinger. We’d be disturbed by this level of accuracy, but we’re too busy packing up shop and moving to our compound in New Hampshire. (That said, we’d still be amused if you posted your results here.)

We could probably find some obscure and clever way to pretend the above two items are related, but they are not. Neither is Jon Stich in Oakland’s reading of Ferrucio Brugnaro’s “Buy, Always Consume,” but it is eerie and awesome:

Check out the full archive of poetry videos here!


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