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The Best Book Covers of 2010

And now, leaving the Worst Covers in the past, let’s move forward into 2011 with some of our favorites from the year that was!

Cheryl in Brentwood
By Shuichi Yoshida




Grant in Oakland
Makeshift Metropolis
By Witold Rybczynski



John Evans
By Thomas Bernhard




John Peck in Oakland
Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories
By Gian Carlo Calza




Jon Stich in Oakland
Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?
By James Victore




Kim in Malibu
Where We Know
By David Rutledge



Madison in Malibu
Richard Yates
By Tao Lin




Miles in Malibu
The Instructions
By Adam Levin

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