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To Tweet a Mockingbird

Twitter‘s trending topic #lesserbooks is a constantly-updating source of amusement (and quite a bit of spam—stay classy, Twitter!) as users from across the globe share their suggestions for somewhat less epic versions of great literary classics. Two of the top titles at the moment are Stephen Hawking‘s revised A Brief History of Thyme (which—we suppose we should not be surprised—is actually a real book) and a rather reassuring take on John Green‘s first YA novel, Oh, Here’s Alaska (suggested by Green’s fellow YA writer—and occasional co-authorMaureen Johnson).

Some other gems we’ve seen:
Charlotte’s Webinar
The Lord of the Ringtones
The Joy of Sax (also a real book—wow)
Low Expectations
The Scarlet Pumpernickel
War and Peas
One Hundred Years of Pleasant Company

May we also suggest…
The So-So Gatsby
East of Sweden
The Wonderful Wizard of La Paz
A Streetcar Named #7R
The Walk of Stars My Destination
How Green Was My Spinach Soufflé
I Capture the White Castle

Please share your own creations with us! It’s quite a challenge to see who can be the most underwhelming.

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