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Seriously, Someone Had Better Have Asked Alice By Now

With Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland in theaters, it’s no wonder that Alice is everywhere. Lewis Carroll’s classic has, however, gleaned us more than the usual round-up of dull movie tie-ins. Recent editions of Alice include a version by fantasy illustrator Rodney Matthews that comes in a handsome slipcase and one by artist Camille Rose Garcia done in a gothy, inky style. We’re also rather partial to Robert Sabuda‘s intricate pop-up adaptation.

If you’re interested in the story behind the story, there’s a new biography of Carroll—a.k.a., Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—about which we’re hearing great things: Jenny Woolf’s The Mystery of Lewis Carroll. Or for a different perspective on the same people, you could try Alice I Have Been, a new novel about the life of the real Alice Liddell. We also enjoyed A.S. Byatt‘s article in The Guardian about the powerful oddity that is Alice. And that’s before Tim Burton laid a finger on it!

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